Keywords, What are They and Why do we Need Them

The_Vacant_Loft_by_OokamiKasumiKeywords Can Open the Door to Success

Keywords are a group of words relating to your business that drive traffic to your website.  By using good keywords and good content you rise up the ranking in search engines.

When you are a new business, the budget is almost always tight, and you need to use anything you can to get an advantage. You can buy keywords, but with a little extra time and some creative thinking you should be able to come up with them.

This is called Keyword optimization (also known as keyword research), it is the act of researching, analysing and selecting the best keywords to target and drive qualified traffic from a search engine to your website.

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Searching Takes Time

There are a few things you should remember when optimising and searching for keywords:  Keywords are used in your content, and it is important not to just  load a page with them.  You need to make the content interesting.  If you just stuff the words all over your website the bots on Google will figure out and so will your readers, you will have gained no advantage, and in fact may have lost a customer because of weak content.  Using variant keywords is also important, as each customer will not use the same words to search for what they are looking for.  This can be a tedious process, how many ways can you say I am a social media strategist?

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You Need a Few Keys

You can also use long tail keyword phrases.  You should use different long tail keywords on each page of your website.  This gives you more shots at people hitting your website.  Long tail keyword phrases also allow for an expansion of general search terms.  When I am looking for something I often type in exactly what I want.  For example: Where can I find a Social Media Strategist?  Or where in Dublin can you hire a social media strategist?   By using long tail keywords your content will be relevant to searchers, show up in the top search results on Google, and drive more targeted and better quality traffic to your site.

It is important to remember that keywords and SEO are not a one time thing, they have to change and evolve with the times, your products and your target market.  You may find you have to change them around a bit to get the desired effect if your first attempt at keywords does not get you the traffic you want.

Don’t forget your buyer keywords.  These are keywords that show buyer intent, such as “Buy” “Discount”, “Cheapest Price”  or buyer keyword phrases “Where can I buy?” People who use these  word groups when searching are normally ready to buy.


Paying for AdWords

Buying keywords via Google AdWords is a way to get your business off to a quick start.  It can take up to six months for a business to climb up the search engine ranking by just using keywords alone.  Now let’s suppose that multiple advertisers use the same keyword to trigger their ads or want their ads to appear on the same websites. Google uses Ad Rank to determine whose ads will appear, and in what order, is based on a combination of things, your bid, the quality of your ads, the quality of your website and the expected impact from your ad.


Speculate to Accumulate

Depending on your budget this is worth considering.  When you pay for the word instead of just using it without paying, it has a higher priority with Google and will appear first.

Not to worry if the budget is small though, it’s a combination of things that brings you up your search engine rank, not just one thing.  A good social media strategist will help your company with this and also include a host of other strategies to increase your ranking.


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