Graphic Design and Social Media for Business Go Together




Why Hire A Graphic Artist

Originality wins in the social media game.  There are so many people out there doing the same thing, you have to make yourself stand out from the crowd.  You have to dare to be different, Make people want to click a link look deeper into what you have to offer.

Our attention spans are very short, and a sharp dynamic photo or logo will grab your attention quicker than just text.  If I were to post this blog with no photo content I am guessing the bounce rate would be higher than with photos.  With tweets at 140 characters and text messages often shorter than that, consumers respond best to a first impression that includes an exciting or attention-grabbing graphic image. When a graphic is used consistently over many social media platforms, customers may view it several times over, which creates more brand recognition. Since many people are visual learners, they’ll remember your brand better when they see it visually, instead of hearing or reading about it.

When you’re trying to start a new business many things need to be done. You have an idea, a concept and you want to bring it alive. One of the best ways to do that is with good original graphic designs. You want your product or service to be easily recognized.  This can be achieved by branding. Good branding needs good graphic art.





Why Brand?

We all have to work within a budget and decide where the start-up money will be most useful.  A lot of times new start-ups take the easy way and just Google an image or use a logo maker online.  Either way you are often settling for less than what you envisioned, or that it is not quite right.

The right logo and art can make your website stand out from the crowd.    Having an attractive graphic design helps to strengthens your brand, build trust with the consumer and make your business seem larger than it is.

This was the logo available from an online logo maker, colours and fonts could be changed, but I was not happy with the outcome.


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Before The Graphic Artist


After The Graphic Artist

After sitting down with a graphic artist and discussing what my vision was for my business logo, and this was the outcome. It encompasses what the business is about by the colours, and followed with a tag line is more dynamic then what I was able to do with a logo making programme.

The message is the same but the delivery catches the eye.  While the graphic design should be large and detailed enough so that visitors to the social media page can easily recognize the image, it should not be so large as to make the load time too long.

It can also then be applied to different ideas and blogs in a subtle way, but still getting the brand message out there.




Using Your Brand Or Logo Subtly

Five design tips to consider before visiting your graphic artist:

Design tip #1: Use Contrast – The best designs stand out. One of the simplest ways to make your design jump off the page is using contrast. Choose colours that contrast well. If you have a light coloured background then use a dark font.

Design tip #2: Choose your font – Does your company have a standard brand font? Choosing a consistent font palette is a fantastic way to ensure consistency and to build familiarity with your customers.

Design tip #3: Pick a colour scheme – Is your brand fun and fresh, or established and trustworthy? Choose colours that reflect this ‘brand personality’. Start with 2-3 main colours and build from there. Use these colours consistently.

Design tip #4: No naked images – Images are a key part of graphic design. It’s actually very simple to get a professional look. The key? Use grids or frames wherever possible.

Design tip #5: Keep it simple – Reducing clutter means you’re more likely to get your message across! Make sure you have a reason to use every design element, and keep the number of fonts, colours, shapes and frames to a minimum.



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